Monastic Mondays

  1. The Adventures of Br. Monday
  2. The Continued Adventures of Br. Monday
  3. The Healing of Br. Monday
  4. The Legend of Abba Monday
  5. How to Read Literature Like a Monk
  6. The Metamorphosis of Br. Monday

Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Ten Authors I Want to Meet
  2. Ten Books I’d Love to See as Movies
  3. Ten Books I Naively Suggest I Might Read this Summer (Don’t expect an update…it’s embarrassing…)
  4. Last Ten Books that Came Into My Possession
  5. Ten Wishes for the Book Genie
  6. Books on My Syllabus
  7. Ten Bookish People You Should Follow on Twitter
  8. Ten Bookish Facts about Us

Theory Thursday

  1. The Uncanny
  2. The State of Exception
  3. Hero Worship
  4. The Ancient Quarrel

Weekend Coffee Share

  1. Of Cognac, Cardamom, and Bonsai
  2. Damn Fine Coffee with a Bonsai
  3. Georgia Edition
  4. Stumptown Reminiscing
  5. Bakhtin, Bonsai, and Br. Monday

Hopkinsian Retreat

  1. Holy Thursday: Hopkins’s paraphrase of Aquinas’s Adoro Te Devote
  2. Good Friday: “No Worst There is None”
    • Terce: “The Dark Morning” by Thomas Merton (1915-1968)
    • Sext: “The Dream of the Rood” (8th century)
    • None: “Our Lady of Sorrows” by Richard Crashaw (1613-1649)
  3. Holy Saturday: “O Death, Death”
  4. Easter: “Easter Communion”

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