Course Development & Pedagogy Series

The pandemic led to a focus on using technology well in ways that promoted learning outcomes. Realizing that answering this need also overshadowed a traditional focus on course design and effective teaching, I developed a series on course design with partner facilitators across campus.

Sequence Description

The Course Development and Pedagogy Series will introduce participants to strategies for effective course design and management, including Understanding by Design, field learning assignment sequences, and giving feedback on assessments. The series will also offer a collegial space to revise and share syllabi and rubrics.

Workshop Descriptions

  • Backwards Design Featuring Dan Mourlam: Want to know how to create more engaging instruction that helps students master course goals? Dr. Daniel Mourlam will be facilitating a workshop on Backwards Design, a curriculum design process, where attendees will learn about writing clear learning objectives, assessment strategies, and other effective instructional practices that can help your students be more successful in your course.
  • Syllabus Writing Workshop: Learn about designing your syllabus as a motivational and communication tool and practice syllabus revision in a collegial environment.
  • Designing Field Learning Assignments Featuring Isaiah Cohen: Isaiah Cohen, Assistant Professor of Sociology, will guide participants through the process of designing educational field learning assignments with partnering institutions.
  • Rubric Writing Workshop: Learn about holistic, analytic, and single-point rubrics in the classroom and practice using and developing rubrics in a collegial environment.
  • Writing Effective Feedback Featuring Michelle Gannon: Michelle Gannon, Coordinator of the Writing Center, will present on best practices and strategies for giving students written feedback on assignments.

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