Operation Eleanor

You may have noticed the numbers ticking down on the right over an ultrasound picture. Sometimes we look over at the countdown with excitement. And other times we avoid previewing posts because we don’t want to be reminded how little time we have left to get everything together. That countdown means we’re very close to … More Operation Eleanor

Year in Review

We’re at the close of The Golden Echo’s second year. During the year, we settled down from our move out to Georgia (as much as we can as Cascadians) and we’re now awaiting our firstborn, Eleanor. With everything that’s going on, I thought we would take a look at some of the most viewed posts on the … More Year in Review

Holocaust Denial on Trial Timelines

  Check out my new post over at the site for Emory’s Center for Digital Scholarship. As part of Emory’s Holocaust Denial on Trial project (HDOT), I worked on the team developing three digital timelines that document the Holocaust. Each timeline is an interactive and multimodal experience where users can click on events to learn more with … More Holocaust Denial on Trial Timelines