Hopkins Saves a Cat

Okay, okay, I know National Cat Day is over, but can we really leave it to just one day? (The answer is no) Besides, I just found this story about Gerard Manley Hopkins saving a cat!

Rescued a little kitten that was perched in the sill of the round window at the sink over the gasjet and dared not jump down. I heard her mew a piteous long time till I could bear it no longer; but I made a note of it because of her gratitude after I had taken her down, which made her follow me about and at each turn of the stairs as I went down leading her to the kitchen ran back a few steps up and try to get up to lick me through the banisters from the flight above.

–  Journal, December 1871

(Quoted in Gerard Manley Hopkins, the Man and Poet)

Best. Poet. Ever.

(Let’s just sentimentally ignore how long he waited)

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