Lady’s Man

Monastic Monday
WHAT! Br. Monday feels like the retreat master is giving him mixed signals.

Br. Monday is barely awake, but he’s made it to this mornings retreat conference…

In An Interrupted Life by Etty Hillesum, she is speaking about a man she admires and says, “I think most of us get the wrong idea when we hear the phrase lady’s man–we immediately think of sex. He is a lady’s man, true enough, but only in the sense that like Rilke, there is something about him to which women immediately respond and open up. And that is because he has so strong a feminine streak that he can understand how women feel–women whose souls find no home since men will not join them to theirs. But in him the ‘soul’ of a woman is given welcome and shelter. In that sense he is a lady’s man, yes!”

What most moves me in this passage are the words “women whose souls find no home….” I would like to have the wisdom and knowledge to give the soul of a woman shelter, welcome, and rest.

Source: A Monk’s Alphabet by Jeremy Driscoll

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