The Continued Adventures of Br. Monday

Monastic Monday
Those eyes have seen too much…

Br. Monday is pretty shaken up after barely escaping the bandit attack last week, so the abbas decided that he needed a retreat. Until he gets back, here’s a list of his adventures so far:

1. Milosz and the Monk

In Br. Monday’s absence, we learned how a modern monk met the poet Czeslaw Milosz.

2. Br. Monday is Back and the Abbas aren’t Happy about It

Wherein Abba Moses becomes Br. Monday’s favorite by convincing the other abbas to leave him alone.

3. How to Make a Monk Laugh Part 1

Wherein Abba Pambo and Abba Giles have a disagreement.

4. 1500 Years Practice at Getting Along

It has to be a miracle that there haven’t been more Name of the Rose-style homicides in monasteries…

5. How to Make a Monk Laugh Part 2

Br. Monday still doesn’t get the joke, and I’m not sure I do either.

6. What Can the Desert Tell Us about the Researcher/Educator Debate?

Why not both?

7. The Last Thing Br. Monday Wants to Do

Let’s just say he wouldn’t mind taking the “labora” out of “ora et labora.”

8. Waiting for the Barbarians

Br. Monday still doesn’t get why he was the only one who ran.

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