How to Make a Monk Laugh Part 2

Monastic Monday
Br. Monday still doesn’t get it, but this time he’s sure it’s not him…

They used to tell of an elder who was dying at Scete. The brothers surrounded his bed. They put him in the habit and set about weeping. He, however, opened his eyes and laughed; then he laughed again and laughed a third time. The brothers implored him saying: “Tell us, abba, why are you laughing while we are weeping?” He said to them: “I laughed because you all are afraid of death. The second time I laughed because you are unprepared; the third time I laughed because I am passing from toil to repose”, and the elder promptly fell asleep.

Source: The Anonymous Sayings of the Desert Fathers

Well. Don’t hold your breath for a Kirk hug in Scete.

Hey, wanna know what monks call the top row in choir where the seniors sit? Death row.


No, seriously, I’m not making that up…

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